How To Publish New Article's On Blogger Blog

How to Creat N uploaded new SEO Optimized post on blogger blog
Actually I've made so many friends in the blog, but the blog was not aware of the whole new post upload it on your blog can not so today I'm telling the way to post upload the blog if you already so no matter what you do to post upload can read this post, you may also post a few miles to learning. Also, Create free blog website in urdu and make the first one. Making it very easy to operate and our blog post on reading will be even easier. You can create a free blog.

Create new articles on blogger

How To Create And Published New SEO Optimize Post On Blogger

The right way to upload a new post to a blog.

Step 1:

First go to and log in with your blogger google gmail account. Then press on "create a new post'' like this.

who to Create a New Post On Blogger

Step 2:
 After clicking After Clicking a New Post, a new popup window will open, in which you have to add your post.

How to create a new post on blogger

  1. Here you have to put the title for your new SEO Optimized post on the title of the post. It is such that as every reader, every user understands what is in this post.

  2. From here you can edit your post, you can enter the URL of another post that can make the word bigger.

  3. In the post you have to type the information that you want to publish, as if you are writing about a subject, then write the full information so users can understand the whole thing and at least 1000 to 2000 words in each post. That's a great deal.

  4. Whenever you upload a post, you can put a two image in it, because an image is equal to 1000 words and there is no doubt about it.

  5. Here you have to enter the label related to your post. You can use the 4 - 5 label in a post.

  6. Here you can edit the date of your post as if you have to show the day of the month of the year or the month and year as on 6 June 2017,

  7. Here you can edit the URL of the post, use the URL instead of space in the address of the post.

  8. Here you have to select a short description related to your post. It just needs to be written in 140 words google shows it to the users. I will tell you later.

  9. After typing the post fully, click on save to check the mistakes of post. Clicking on Save does not cause any errors, then click last in publish.

Your new post is now fully Creating uploaded.

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